Reiki Training

Reiki 1 – 1-day workshop, Investment: £200 in a group. £250 one-to-one training

Reiki 2  -1-day workshop, Investment:  £200 in a group. £250 one-to-one training

Reiki Master / Teacher training. I day workshop, Investment: £400 One to One training £500


Mystery School training

Adept Training – 3 days workshop, Investment:£333

ADEPT – 1st DEGREE Eliminates negative EGO.

As an Adept of Spiritual Mystery School, one is entitled to receive any instruction of or from the Hierarchy of Light and serve humans in all their needs. The Adepts are taught everything and do tremendous work. We become the representatives for light on Earth, and we must serve accordingly. The Adepts are the workforce of the Hierarchy on Earth!

The Light Serves the Light in the Light! In this step, all resistance to light manifests as ego issues, for the process of the Adept is to overcome the negative ego. Adept literally means to master oneself.

The privileges of the Adept initiation are many:

·      10 times the power you had prior to initiation in order to do light work in the world.

·      Four new guides to teach you and empower your spiritual evolution. These guides have never been incarnated on Earth before, they will not understand your personal issues, but they will bring you to a high level of spiritual understanding.

·      Divine Protection

·      Direct Contact with the Hierarchy of Light.

·      Changes the flow of humans from counter-clockwise to clockwise.


Further Spiritual Mystery school training

Gifts of the Spirit workshop – 2 days workshop, Investment: £250 (Learn to travel to The Twelve Physical dimensions)

Divine Sacred geometry – 3 hours workshop, Investment: £45

Astral Travel – 4 hours workshop, Investment:  £60 – You need to complete Sacred Geometry. (Learn to travel to The 7 Spiritual Dimensions)

An evening of Celtic Shamanism: 3 hours Investment:  £45

Exorcism workshop – 1-day workshop, Investment: £111

Meditation workshop – 4 hours Investment:60

Shiva Lingham Activation workshop – 3 hours Investment: £45 (create a powerful talisman for yourself)

Eda is a Guide within the lineage of Spiritual Mystery Schools, she facilitates the ‘Great Work’, to empower each person to fulfill their highest potential and embody their true self: body, soul, spirit.


EFT training – Will be available from November 2019.


Fermentation Training- Will be available from September 2019

Fermenting is an ancient skill across the globe often having a significant place in a community’s culture and identity. The skills and cultures were traditionally passed from one generation to the next.

Are you interested in healing your gut and restoring healthy intestinal flora? Do you want to learn how to create most delicious raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, water kefir, fermented lemon, nettle tincture, nettle crips, Cucumber Kimchi, nut milk, nut cheeses, raw apple cider vinegar, … and many more delicious fermented foods?  Please send me an email  ( to register your interest.

I was introduced to the incredible world of food fermentation and wild plants when I was only a child. I always had an interest in healthy eating. I have become a raw chef in 2014. I have been fermenting over 35 years now. I have been asked by various people to run fermentation workshops to teach them. I am planning to start running workshops in September 2019 in Chalfont St Peter, Bucks.




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