Star Seed Healing


It is quite relaxing and extremely powerful. I use crystals and sound to balance the frequency and the vibration within the Light Body.


The Starseed Healing reorganizes the positive vibrations surrounding the human body that are lost on a daily basis. This distinctive healing utilizes crystals, chimes, and a tuning fork to cleanse and harmonize your body’s energetic systems at 50 different points on the body; it balances the body at a cellular level and is like having a sound massage.


Benefits include:

  • It cleans out “mind clutter”
  • Help you overcome addictions
  • It adjusts and balances your chakras and auric layers of energy


This healing is very calming and is especially helpful if you have been doing a lot of emotional release work or are in the middle of an intense emotional process.


The Starseed Healing is part of the King Salomon Healing Modality Series

This distinctive Galactic healing utilizes a tuning fork and crystals to completely cleanse and harmonize the body’s energetic system.

It awakens the multidimensional self, infusing tones and sound into the body to heal and modify the harmonic frequencies.


The Starseed Healing leaves one in a state of transcendent peace.

Investment £60





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