Reiki with Crystals- Chalfont St Peter, Bucks (Buckinghamshire)

I perform my Reiki training and Reiki treatments in the beautiful countryside of Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, UK. I use various Crystals in combination with the channeling of Reiki (healing energies) to stimulate the self-healing mechanisms of the mind, body, and spirit. Crystals hold their own vibrational healing energy.

Reiki is a Japanese method of providing energy and clearing energy blocks. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is made up of two words – Rei and Ki. Rei means universal and Ki means life energy. Thus, Reiki means Universal Life Force.

Reiki can also be used in conjunction with any medication, treatments, during pregnancy or chemotherapy for example, without risk to the client.

Reiki can be a powerful additional healing tool in recuperation after chemotherapy treatment, recuperation of anyone who has undergone surgery after illness or an accident, or anybody who is recovering from any kind of illness.
Reiki can be especially healing or soothing for children and babies: children with illness or injuries, sleeping problems and or other ailments, as well as providing calming and relaxing benefits.

Reiki Treatment, Bucks (Buckinghamshire)

Treatment consists of laying the hands on the body in a prescribed pattern allowing Reiki Energy to flow through to the person being treated. You can remain fully clothed, simply removing your shoes, jewelry, watch, and glasses (if worn). Treatments can be given with the patient either sitting up in a chair or preferably, lying down.

A Reiki treatment generally lasts approximately 50 – 60 minutes: it depends entirely on the needs of the receiver. I recommend weekly intervals for maximum results; however, one treatment will be of benefit. It is a profound privilege to witness the transformation and peace that Reiki brings to people.

Prior to treatment, a consultation form will be completed to establish your needs and give me an idea of your goals. A Reiki treatment is very pleasurable and is accompanied by feelings of deep relaxation and well-being. The patient will often feel a sensation of warmth flowing into the body, although at times this may manifest itself as a cold or tingling feeling. Frequently after treatment, patients feel as if they have had several hours of very satisfying sleep and are ready for anything.

Reiki is positive energy. It never causes harm to any living thing!

Benefits of Reiki

    • Stress reduction and relaxation.
    • Support during times of crisis, e.g. depression, cancer, illness, death and bereavement.
    • Speedy recovery after surgery or illness.
    • Pain relief.
    • Comfort when life is tough.
    • Calming for children. (The length of a child’s session is often shorter than that of an adult.)
    • Reassurance for animals. (Animals also respond well to Reiki finding it relaxing and soothing.)
    • Spiritual clarity.
    • Great sense of health and well-being.
    • Relief from strong emotional distress and sorrow.
    • Improved blood circulation.
    • Relief from stress-related disorders
    • Relief of conditions related to sinus
    • Migraine relief
    • Arthritis relief
    • Improvement of insomnia– just to name a few!

Treatment cannot be carried out if

      • You have a pacemaker
      • You are in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy
      • You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
      • You have serious mental issues

Investment in yourself: £60 per Reiki session

Reiki Training, Bucks

My Reiki courses are designed to suit everyone regardless of experience and background. Everyone is capable of learning to practice Reiki for themselves and for others. The training Absolute Reiki provides is based on the Japanese Reiki system that Mikao Usui taught.

These Reiki healing courses (Buckinghamshire based) come with a comprehensive manual and a Reiki certificate, indicating the level of skill you have acquired. The manual provides detailed information about the theory behind Reiki, plus information on the practical work you will be carrying out at each level. I teach with the highest standards and do not follow the current trend toward “fast track’ methods where more than one level is taught in a weekend. Level I, Level II and Level III have different energies and all require time to be totally integrated into one’s system. I recommend usually a minimum of one month between learning Level I, Level II and the master/teacher level.

I offer a down-to-earth, practical approach to Reiki training that will provide effective tools and exercises to help you become better at treating yourself and others. Reiki is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, which has since been adapted by various teachers of different traditions.

You are exposed to the power of Reiki energy through a series of attunements. As soon as you have received these attunements, Reiki energy will flow through you. Often people feel energised and balanced the very first time.

A Brief Overview of Reiki 1 Training:

 When you are attuned to Reiki energy, your channels are open to Universal Life Energy.  Reiki attunements are much like tuning a radio to the desired station. The attunements you receive in this workshop expose you to Reiki energy so you can channel it for yourself or others at any time for the rest of your life.

Reiki has many benefits, such as attunement support, and you are likely to undergo a powerful spiritual transformation that lasts for the rest of your life. A second benefit is that once attuned, an individual immediately becomes a Reiki practitioner and now has the ability to lead a calmer, vibrant and more fulfilling life. Physical pain can be self-healed as well as the emotional and mental turbulence we often experience in our lives.

A third benefit, of course, is the ability to offer others the wonderful gift of a Reiki treatment session. Giving Reiki sessions not only helps to heal and balance the recipient but also heals the practitioner. Also remember, there is no wrong way to give Reiki since the energy channeled is intelligent in itself. Therefore, Reiki energy will always work for the highest good of both the recipient and the practitioner.

 During the one-day Reiki One training, you will learn or receive

      • Japanese Usui Reiki history and its principles
      • Our major chakras
      • How to see people’s auras
      • How to use crystals during Reiki session
      • Meditations and grounding
      • How to see energies
      • A step-by-step guide to give Reiki to yourself and others
      • To understand the difference between your own and Reiki energy. (I find that most Reiki practitioners give their own energy during healing sessions instead of channeling Reiki energy. Thus, afterward, they feel completely drained and wonder why.)
      • How to channel Reiki energy
      • To protect and ground yourself
      • Self-healing
      • Hand positions for use on others and oneself
      • 4 attunements to the Reiki energy
      • How to work with plant and animals
      • The practice Reiki healing
      • The benefit of initiation/attunement
      • The 21-day clearing process
      • Setting up a Reiki support group
      • Reiki Level One training manual
      • Reiki Level One Certificate
      • Information about the Reiki code of ethics and insurance, for those wishing to practice professionally

I maintain small groups to ensure the best training possible. This is a one-day Reiki training course and allows a maximum of four people.

 Investment in yourself: £200

 A Brief Overview of Reiki 2 Training:

 The course assists you in expanding your knowledge of practicing Reiki healing on others, as well as on animals and plants. It also allows you to practice distant healing and emotional/mental healing.

During the one-day Reiki Second Degree training, you will learn or receive

      • Distance healing Reiki symbol
      • How to send distance healing to other people or places
      • How to use crystals during Reiki session
      • Understand how to direct energy
      • Meditations and grounding
      • Learn how to do dowsing
      • How to use Intention in your healing
      • The Second Degree Reiki symbols, how to draw them and say their names.
      • How to use the Reiki Symbols during a treatment
      • How to create a healing space
      • Attunements to Reiki Energy
      • How to raise the energy of  food and water with Reiki
      • How to clear space with Reiki symbols
      • Reiki Level Two training manual
      • Reiki Level Two Certificate
      • Information about Reiki code of ethics and insurance for those wishing to practice professionally

Investment in yourself: £200

I maintain small groups to ensure the best training possible. This is a one-day course allows a maximum of four people.

Reiki Master/Teacher Training course

As a Reiki master, you can teach classes as well as initiate or attune people to the Reiki energy. Remember, in order to reach master level, you must take all levels of Reiki.

During the one-day Reiki Master/Teacher training, you will learn or receive

      • Attunement to Reiki Master Energy
      • How to attune others to Reiki
      • Understand how to direct energies
      • Meditations and grounding exercises
      • Learn how to do advance dowsing
      • How to teach Reiki Level One, Two and Three.
      • How to give attunements and practice attuning students
      • Learn how to use The Master symbols
      • A teacher’s handbook
      • A master certificate
      • Information about the Reiki code of ethics and insurance for those wishing to practice professionally
      • A soft copy of all Reiki 1,2 master manuals to adapt to your needs and start using them with clients
      • Soft copy of your Reiki lineage

 Investment in yourself: £400

I maintain small groups to ensure the best training possible. This is a one-day course and allows a maximum of four people.

* Please note that all courses must be paid in full before starting.

Preparing for your Reiki Attunement

 Reiki Attunements work with whatever is the state of the being.  Below are some traditional guidelines:

      • Eliminate or reduce the intake of meat and coffee from your diet 3 days prior to your class date. (Not necessary but beneficial.)
      • Lower your intake of alcohol for at least 3 days prior to the attunement.
      • If you are on any type of medication, continue to take it as prescribed prior to and on the day of the attunement.
      • Smokers should take care to smoke as little as possible during the day prior to the class date and on the day of the attunement.
      • If possible, do some meditation and spend time with nature.
      • Be gentle with yourself. Try not to tackle any tasks, physically or emotionally, that will deplete your energies.
      • You may choose a water or juice fast for 1 to 3 days prior to the attunement. Try to drink plenty of water.

My Reiki Lineage

Your lineage is important for the fact that you can trace it back to Mikao Usui. This shows that you have been attuned by a genuine Reiki master/teacher. You will get a copy of your lineage once you complete your Reiki training.

Absent Healing Service

I offer an absent healing service to all who are in need of healing. I do not charge for this; however, I invite you to help another person as a way of paying it forward. I like to receive the request from the person who requires healing unless they are not able to do so; for example, if they are too ill or too young. All healing will be sent for the highest good and is to be received at the best time to achieve it.

 The Reiki Principles

 The five Reiki principles are Mikao Usui’s guidelines for living:

Just for today, I will not be angry.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbours and every living thing.

You might like to recite this on a daily basis and think what each one means to you and how relates to your own life.


“I am a 74-year-old man and I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. I have had various cycles of chemotherapy. I was introduced to Eda for Reiki a couple of months ago and I see her weekly. I was told 2 weeks ago that my cancer was in remission and I believe that the Reiki has been a major contributory factor in this miracle.Eda is a wonderful, empathetic person and obviously very gifted.”

Michael Ackenson- Managing Director

“Eda is amazing! I’ve attended several of her workshops and she has opened my eyes to a whole new world. When I first met her, I was suffering health problems caused by stress. I was also struggling to work through the stages of grief after the death of my father. I’d have to write a novel to explain everything I’ve learned from Eda but in summary I will say that what she does works. I wanted to learn how to better manage stress – she taught me how to do this …. And so much more. She set me off on a path of self discovery and enlightenment and she’s there to guide me along the way. I can’t recommend Eda highly enough.”

Joanna Wallace

“Eda has helped me deal with a recent health issue tremendously both emotionally and physically. I have been having weekly Reiki sessions since my diagnosis and after each session I feel so relaxed, calm and centred. From an emotional side she has magic hands that balance the equilibrium and take away the day’s stresses. I went in with thoughts all over the place and came out feeling calm and relaxed. Physically she has helped manage the side effects from medicine I’ve had to take and I always go out feeling much better. I can literally feel her ‘zapping out’ the negative energy and feelings! I would highly recommend Eda to anyone looking to manage stress or illness in a natural, peaceful way.”

Christina Lade- Marketing Manager

“Eda is a warm and engaging Reiki Healer and teacher who instantly makes you feel at ease. I have received both Reiki healing and EFT from Eda, and both were life changing. Her knowledge is as extensive as her gifts and I am truly grateful and blessed to have met her.”

Sarah Evans-

Testimonial kindly provided by Joanne and Lucky, CSP

Testimonial kindly provided by Sarah, Therapist

Testimonial kindly provided by Samatha Allen, Author

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