Master your Future

Not many people are aware that our unresolved childhood traumas, beliefs, and fears are still controlling our lives and stopping us from reaching our full potential. I see over and over with my patients that so many current blockages, fears, and anxieties in their life are relating to their childhood traumas.  

When we experience traumas as a child, most of the time we don’t have the resources or the understanding to deal with them so we try to deeply bury them to avoid the pain that they caused us. If we don’t see them, don’t feel them, we think that they won’t have power over us!! However these unresolved traumas and emotions end up leaving us feeling vulnerable and fearful, leading us to negative self sabotaging behaviours, low self esteem and victim consciousness. 

When we decide to look within, we realise that all these past traumas, fears and limited beliefs  are controlling our daily lives. These unresolved traumas might have an impact on your mental and emotional health, your decision making process, your reactions, behaviour, actions, your intimate relationships and even your career. They keep us prisoner in this non-beneficial reality.

Our subconscious mind is like a huge memory bank. It makes up around 95% of our brain power and it stores everything about ourselves like traumas, beliefs, memories and skills… We all know that the subconscious is extremely powerful, it controls what we think of ourselves, how our life works, how the world operates… and it also regulates our bodily functions without our conscious mind. It is impossible to ignore that it has a magnificent power, but it is possible to reprogram it with the right tools. 

When we are not able to move on and pursue our dreams, it is because our subconscious mind is holding conflicting beliefs about ourselves, our values and our dreams. If they are not aligned, it is so much harder to achieve what we desire in life. My aim is to help these areas to be aligned with each other so you are free to create a life that you desire. 

I help my clients to tap into their subconscious mind to overcome their traumas, and change their limiting beliefs into empowering ones. 

You no longer need to postpone your dreams and live in pain, once we work together, these memories won’t have any effect on you anymore. 

Are you ready to shine your light and follow your dreams?