Master your Future

 “You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

― Gautama Buddha

How to Build Self Esteem in a Woman NOW!

This is the million dollar question: How to build up woman’s self esteem?

Why some woman suffers from low self esteem while others seems to have high self esteem and everything else that go with it?


In order to build self esteem, you must master your emotions and your own life which will help you to master your own future.

As a woman, every time we do not listen to our inner voice and fail to take action in something that we need to, we lose our self-respect and our trust with our abilities.

Self esteem comes from our own positive imaging; it is something that we create for ourselves by using our thought process. Throughout or lives, our minds picks up all the things that we do wrong and compare it to others.

A Learned Behaviour

Low self-esteem is a learned behaviour. The longer you experience it, the more it becomes part of your live. But it can be un-learned.

I have found that EFT and NLP are the most useful techniques to get rid of unwanted habits.

Women with high esteem seem to have high energy level; they know what they are doing. They look happy and comfortable with themselves.

The way that we view ourselves directly affects everything we do and how we feel about ourselves. If we were to ask these confident woman “how to boost women’s self esteem or how to build a woman self esteem? What would they say?

Maybe just believe in yourself and your abilities… There are many ways to increase self esteem in woman.

What are the Causes?

Lack of Self esteem might be result of physical illness, stress or a general feeling of lack of control in life which can be related to traumatic childhood experiences and abandonment.

Untreated depression can also lead to low self-esteem. Women with low self-esteem usually develop a victim mentality, which can make it increasingly difficult to see the world in a positive manner.

Sometimes these women may need professional’s helps. In my experience NLP and EFT has great results with low self esteem.

45 Tips to how to build women’s self esteem

1. Seek out a company of positive people; it would be helpful to steer clear of negative people.
2. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people who value you.
3. Create an action plan, get clear and be specific
4. Find out who you really are. Find out your values, believes and thoughts and challenged them, are they really serving you. This is a great way to understand how to boost a woman’s self esteem.
5. Change your negative thoughts and limited beliefs with positive ones.
6. Begin to practice self-esteem fostering thoughts and behaviours. Start believing in yourself.
7. Take care your appearance- when you look good, you feel better
8. Do something you are good at and teach other.
9. Give yourself your own love. Love yourself more than you would love your best friend, your family or your pet.
10. always remember you deserve the best
11. Forgive yourself
12. Socializing with others will give us opportunities to connect with other people
13. Accept yourself the way you are, she the greatness inside of you
14. Be comfortable with who you are and practise self-love
15. Learn about personal development and human emotions
16. Have small goals for yourself and take one step at a time
17. Be open, eager, and willing to learn
18. Feel the fear and do it anyway
19. Do not compare yourself to others, you so not know their journey.
20. Change your an inferiority mentality to equal mentality
21. Ideally every morning, count your blessings, it will help you start your day in a positive way
22. Be present, you cannot change the past and future has not been written yet
23. Accept your situation and ask for a help. Asking for help is a sign of determination and courage. It means you are ready for positive change.
24. Stop wasting time by watching lots of TV, surfing the net or feeling sorry for yourself, start creating and enjoying yourself.
25. Do not pay attention to you negative thoughts, monitor them and let them know that you are not interested.
26. Learn to channel your anger in a more positive way.
27. Begin making choices and decisions based on what you want, not what others want for you. It is your life, make the most of it
28. Know what your personal boundaries are and don’t allow others to take advantage of you or manipulate you.
29. Look after your body; don’t rely on substances to soothe your emotions.
30. Pay off your debts- it can drain your self esteem
31. Increase your standards; begin to demand more of yourself in various areas of your life. Challenge yourself , get outside of your comfort zone
32. Look for your life purpose and passion
33. Repeat positive affirmations when you awaken and before you go to sleep, ensure to use your emotions with it
34. Share Your skills and abilities with others, it will increase your self esteem
35. Read inspirational, empowering and uplifting books and quotes
36. Heal past emotional wounds- Seek the support of a trained therapist
37. Volunteer, when we support other people, we feel uplifted and valued.
38. Start a daily exercise routine; it can be a brisk walk, yoga gentle it will make you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.
39. Get positive compliments from friends and family, you can ask them, “What do you like about me?”
40. Create a Compelling Vision, use the power of your imagination to create your own reality
41. Rely on your own abilities instead of doubting them
42. Meditate or pray
43. Don’t take yourself and life too seriously, learn to laugh at yourself.
44. Keep a diary of your achievements
45. Keep a diary of your happy moments and read them when you feel down

Retreats and One to One Services

We have covered “how to build a women’s self esteem?” If you like to learn more about how to achieve a high self esteem, I suggest you check my retreats or one to one services. Always remember you deserve happiness and live your life fully.
With Love, Gratitude and Blessing

Eda :-)