Etheric Cord Cutting


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Spiritual author Doreen Virtue describes it best- “Etheric cords act like hoses, with energy directed back and forth between both people”

Especially when it comes to relationships, cutting the cord can help break the energetic attachments and can help you to move on to with your life.

Cord cutting is the cutting away of energy cords that connect you with someone else with whom you have a relationship, including family members, friends, husbands, and acquaintances and who in some way are harmful or unhealthy. Energy flows back and forth between you and another person which may be negative and contribute to a unique set of difficulties for your energy system.
When you are corded in an unhealthy way, these bonds can negatively impact all aspects of your life. For example, your behaviour may be influenced or controlled by a person to whom you are negatively bonded. You may be easily manipulated, feel stuck, depressed, have low energy levels or simply feel bad in the other person’s presence. You feel like your energy has been drained for no apparent reason.

In such a case, it is important to remove the cords to improve your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Cord cutting is not painful. In fact, it’s quite freeing. The release can sometimes let go of anger, sadness, or other strong emotions that may be attached to the cords. Oftentimes, you will feel lighter and more at peace.

How To Cut Cords Of Attachment
The reason why people cut cords with others is to generally move on from a person and let them go energetically – this means on an energy level. People who we are close to each other form energetic bonds with us that resemble cords of energy that link one person to the other. These are etheric cords, so think of ether as a kind of energy. Those who have seen the cords (and often we can see them in meditation for example) describe them as dark in colour. The bonding itself can be light with just a slim cord, or you can be corded heavily with another through your chakras and can have multiple thick cording that literally shows your attachment, either mentally, emotionally, sexually, or all of the above.

Corded CoupleOf course, when you care about another, the cording is not a problem. The cords act as a way we send and receive psychic energy between chakras, theirs and ours. The more energy we send, the bigger the cords, and this is normal in any relationship. Communication between chakras is how a lot of communication happens between people. However, when we want to let someone go because we aren’t moving on, the cords and the continuing psychic/energy communication between them and us can hold us back. Luckily there are easy ways to remove the cords; no cord is meant to be forever. Whether cords reform again is entirely up to us, but when we are ready to let someone go, we probably won’t go to the effort of reforming the psychic ties any longer.

What can you expect once the cords are cut?
In simple terms, you can expect to find your mind no longer dwells upon the person as the psychic attachment has been dissolved. Your mind is quieter, calmer and it is like cleaning out a closet – all those old emotions associated with that person dissolve as the communication between you ends. You now have extra space in your mind to fill with something better, and you will certainly be clearer in intent.

Imagine the freedom you can feel having that extra peace of mind, letting go of unwanted baggage, not to mention being free emotionally as well. If this sounds too good, you may be wondering why don’t we all do this on a regular basis, why don’t people know about this? The reason is simply we are never taught. In a world where we tend to believe in only what we see, such psychic cords of attachment go unnoticed and so we tend to carry unwanted energy and connections around with us many more years than we need to.

When you do a cord-cutting on the etheric cords that bind you, the listed symptoms will lift. Some people charge money to cut the cords for you, this is entirely unnecessary as it is only you who can do this for yourself, not another.
You can cut the cords with any person who is bothersome to you psychically. The majority of cord cuttings facilitated are between couples or blood relatives, like a parent and child.  You receive a fresh start with more opportunity than ever before to design the kind of relationship you desire. Any time you hear people talk about “the pain that will be with me for the rest of my life,” there is probably a cord of attachment involved. Until that cord is cut, the pain will continue to hurt.

Symptoms of heavy cording include:

  • Unable to move on with life
  • Unable to stop thinking or obsessing about a person
  • Frequent conversations in your mind with a person
  • Frequently remembering what they said in the past, feeling their ongoing judgment or criticism
  • Arguments, sometimes daily in your mind with someone
  • The temptation to go back to a relationship that does not serve you
  • Unable to sleep, experiencing amnesia
  • Deep feelings of sadness, anger, and depression around the past
  • Crying a whole lot, an emotional wreck
  • Turning down other offers and invitations, feeling uninterested
  • Becoming stuck in the past, not looking for new opportunities


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