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“EFT offers great healing benefits.”

Deepak Chopra




“Tapping is probably one of the most powerful concepts that you could ever study in so far as correcting problems in your life personally. Tapping gets to the cause of the problem, working with the electrical system in the body to get results.”      Bob Proctor




What is EFT (Emotional freedom techniques)?

Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system.

EFT is about returning the mind, body and feelings to a state of balance and harmony so you are not limited by negative emotions. We can be affected by recurring emotions from past events such as relationships, trauma, loss, work-related stress, interpersonal problems, depression, and various kinds of ingrained anxieties. When emotions are stuck rather than dispersed in our bodies, they affect our lives and well-being.

EFT is an innovative non-invasive therapy that helps to release blockages and deep seated traumas that we may have been holding onto for years. Gary Craig, who invented E.F.T, has had remarkable success with Vietnam War veterans allowing them to finally let go of all the fear and pain associated with their experiences. For the first time in over 35 years, many of these men can begin to lead normal lives again, thanks to Gary Craig.

Over 20 clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals have demonstrated that EFT is effective for phobias, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, and other problems. Over 9 million people a month search online for “EFT tapping” and related terms.As Dr. Oz says, “Energy medicine is the future of all medicine. As we get better at understanding of how little we know about the body and mind, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.

EFT Tapping is already proving to be the next big frontier not only of medicine, but also of personal change and growth. Here’s why…

Human beings have an intricate energy system (meridians) that flows throughout the body, controlling our physical and emotional health, something that has only recently been recognized in the West. All negative emotions such as stress and anxiety overwhelm and disrupt our body’s energy.

When we have unresolved emotional problems, whether conscious or unconscious, they manifest themselves in physical symptoms. When we have physical challenges, they tend to cause further emotional turmoil. It is like a vicious circle.

You cannot treat the symptoms without addressing the cause, and vice-versa. Tapping restores the body’s energy balance, and negative emotions are conquered. EFT Tapping has been shown over and over again to be effective with so many challenges! Relationships issues, fears, phobias, anxiety, physical pain, weight loss challenges, financial success blocks, and so much more…

“EFT offers great healing benefits.”     Deepak Chopra

When to use EFT (tapping)

  • For disturbing emotions like depression, stress, anxiety and anger
  • For insomnia
  • For emotions related to physical conditions
  • To tackle self-sabotage and self-criticism
  • To feel happiness and joy more often
  • To connect to healthy states of self-esteem and confidence
  • To deal with emotional problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence
  • For destructive relationship patterns (coping with breakup)
  • To handle phobias like the fear of heights, flying, enclosed spaces, driving, etc.
  • To deal with emotional trauma from war experiences, physical abuse, etc.
  • To handle fear of examinations
  • To handle fear of driving
  • To be more successful and happy at work
  • To release old habits like smoking, insomnia, over eating, and more
  • To help learn to understand emotions

How does EFT work?

EFT is a very effective yet gentle method of directly balancing the body’s energy system to handle feelings you want to change. This is done by focusing on the specific problem whilst tapping with the fingers on the end points of the energy meridians.

Emotional blockages in our energy system often lead to limiting beliefs and behaviours and stop us from enjoying our lives fully. Resulting symptoms are either emotional and/or physical and include lack of confidence and self-esteem, feeling stuck anxious or depressed, and/or the emergence of compulsive and addictive behaviours.

What does EFT involve?

Using EFT involves “tuning into” the issue and then tapping with fingers on specific acupressure points. All this is done while sitting normally in a chair. Following an EFT session, the dispersed feelings very rarely return. You will still retain a memory of the event, but it will no longer have the same emotional charge.

History of EFT

The Emotional Freedom Techniques concept was developed in the US in the 1990’s by Gary Craig. EFT roots are in acupuncture, kinesiology, and psychology. EFT is now spreading very rapidly in the US and the UK, where the practise is now used in specialist areas of the National Health Service. Gary Craig’s website, www.emofree.com, offers a wealth of information, including a manual to download and read. The manual is available free of charge.

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