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Do You Want To Discover the 5 Secrets to Happiness and Fulfilment?


  • How to turn your dreams into a reality
  • How to break your negative thinking habits
  • The secret recipe of joy
  • How to forgive yourself and others that hurt you
  • Discover the wonderful person you are, with a deepened awareness of your true identity
  • Improve your mental health, self-esteem and self-worth
  • Recognise and experience the power of gratitude and forgiveness
  • How to get out of the rat race and re-join the human race

It’s all laid out in easy-to-understand step-by-step processes that can help you live a dream life, starting from day one.

I personally found the concept that everyone’s pathway to happiness is uniquely theirs – totally liberating and empowering all at the same time. Just getting this point alone ignites a whole new level of fulfillment and living. This truly amazing e-book provides practical yet profound advice to master a future of happiness on your own terms.

Udo Maryanne Okonjo,

This book is a concise and practical guide of how to live from your highest and happiest self.  The manual coupled with Eda’s expertise and compassion gets you asking yourself all of the right questions so that you can start choosing a life of Happiness now.

Ashley Cooper,

Eda speaks genuinely and beautifully from her heart in this wonderful e-book. If you have struggled with life or happiness, or both, then this will fill you full of joy. Highly recommended.

Mark Attwood,

Eda’s book is not only spot on, it is practical!  No wishy-washy suggestions but practical actions that you should take in order to make happiness a permanent resident in your heart and mind.”

Xina Broderick,

In this content-rich eBook, Eda addresses many important points. I hope more people will start to exercise “their right to choose happiness consciously,” as she writes. It is such an essential message that needs to be heard. We could do with more people like Eda whose mission is to guide people on the path to happiness.


Elisabeth Pine,

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